Fruit and Veggie Ice Breaker

Learning Objectives

By the end of the lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Describe at least three health benefits associated with eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet.
  • Identify at least three ways to prepare fruits and vegetables.
  • Apply the concept of teamwork to the other lessons.



  1. Photocopy the Health Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables handout for each participant, and become familiar with the content prior to implementing the lesson.
  2. Open the box of fruit, vegetable, and physical activity playing cards, and set aside the aces, couch potato and junk food jokers, and physical activity face cards.
  3. Shuffle the remaining cards that contain the fruit and vegetable images. Prepare a list of yes/no questions as described in Step 5 of the instructions to help participants determine the name of the fruit or vegetable on the playing card. Display the list of questions for the participants to review before the lesson.


  1. Arrange participants into teams of three to four players.
  2. Paperclip a fruit or vegetable playing card, image side up, to the back of each participant's shirt collar. Make sure that each participant doesn't know which fruit or vegetable appears on his or her playing card.
  3. Have participants turn their backs to their team members to reveal their fruit or vegetable playing cards. Remind participants not to reveal to their teammate wearing the card what fruit or vegetable is on the card.
  4. Instruct participants to figure out, one at a time, their fruit or vegetable by asking their team members a series of questions. The team members may only respond with a "yes" or "no" answer.
  5. Participants should ask general rather than specific questions. For example, "Am I a fruit?" instead of, "Am I an apricot?" Other good questions include: "Should I be peeled before I am eaten?" "Do I grow on a tree?" "Am I green in color?" "Am I sweet?" "Am I sour?" "Do I have seeds?" Feel free to come up with additional questions. Each participant should ask questions until he or she correctly identifies his or her card.
  6. The first team to have all of its member's identify their fruits and/or vegetables wins the game.
  7. Distribute the Health Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables handout to each participant. Ask participants to identify and discuss with their team members the health benefits of fruits or vegetables.
  8. Conclude the lesson by having participants share with their team members their favorite ways to prepare the fruits and/or vegetables pictured on their playing cards.

Expansion Ideas

Physical Activity Round

Introduce the concept of physical activity by adding the physical activity face cards (i.e., jogging king, dancing queen, and soccer playing jack) to the game. Following instructions 3 and 4, have participants guess the physical activity depicted on their playing cards. Prepare a list of questions that will help participants determine the physical activity that is shown on their cards.

Sample questions:

  • Is the activity performed outdoors?
  • Is it an aerobic activity?
  • Is the activity done with a ball?
  • Can you do the activity with friends and family members?
  • Does the activity require a partner?

Conclude the lesson with a discussion about physical activity. Ask participants to share their favorite physical activities. Include questions and comments that will help participants identify opportunities to get the recommended level of physical activity every day.


If participants enjoy being competitive, award prizes to the winning teams.

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