This section outlines easy-to-use lesson plans designed to:

  • increase awareness and knowledge of fruit and vegetable and physical activity recommendations.
  • build self-confidence and skills so that these recommendations are easy to do.
  • strengthen social support for these behaviors from family, friends, and neighbors.
  • empower adults to advocate for environmental changes that make fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity opportunities more accessible in their community.

Each lesson contains:

  • learning objectives
  • a list of required and optional materials
  • step-by-step instructions
  • expansion ideas

The lessons can be easily modified to meet the needs of your participants, while the expansion ideas provide suggestions on how to extend the primary lessons. Each lesson can also be photocopied for your participants so that they can conduct the activities at home or in small group settings. Lessons are divided into four categories:

Adult Recommendation Lessons

These lessons help identify the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and physical activity an adult needs every day for good health based on age, gender, and current level of physical activity so people aren't left wondering 'how much is enough?'

Nutrition Lessons

Here you'll find seven dynamic lessons describing the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, tips on produce selection, storage and preparation, as well as steps to grow your own salsa.

Community Empowerment Lesson:
Advocate for Fruits, Vegetables, and Physical Activity in Your Community

This lesson enables participants to examine their home, workplace, and community environments for things that make it difficult to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and participate in safe, physical activity every day.

After leading participants to uncover barriers, it inspires and empowers them to advocate for a healthy and safe community. Go to Community Empowerment lesson ...

Physical Activity Lessons

This section identifies various forms of physical activity that are fun, family-friendly, practical, and inexpensive. It also offers tips on how to safely monitor physical exertion.


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