How To Use Your Toolbox

The English- and Spanish-language Toolbox contains seven components.

1. Fruit, Vegetable, and Physical Activity Lessons

There are two adult recommendation lessons, seven easy-to-implement nutrition lessons, six fun physical activity lessons, and one community empowerment lesson. Go to Lessons

A Family Activity

Lessons that are easy and fun for parents and their children to do together are marked with the icon to the left. Encourage parents to involve their children in learning about making healthy food choices and being physically active. Offering lessons where parents and children learn together empowers all family members to take charge of their health and builds strong healthy families.

2. Fruit, Vegetable, and Physical Activity Handouts

The educational handouts support the lessons and remind participants what they have learned during their educational experience. They provide practical information, recipes, and physical activity suggestions that will encourage behavior change. Go to Handouts

3. Evaluation Tool

The Quick Nutrition and Physical Activity Quiz (Quiz) measures your participants' knowledge of fruit and vegetable and physical activity recommendations and their related health benefits. The Quiz can be administered before and after you conduct a lesson to measure improvements in your participants' knowledge. You may want to add new questions to the Quiz or create your own evaluation tool. Using evaluation tools to evaluate participant skill development and understanding of the advocacy process can help you to measure the success of your efforts. Go to Quick Nutrition and Physical Activity Quiz

4. Resources

There are two resources in the Toolbox.

  • An English- and Spanish-language poster, entitled Energize Your Body with Fruits and Vegetables!, is used as a visual aid for several nutrition lessons. To purchase the poster go to the Network's online catalog.
  • Dr. Richter's Fresh Produce Guide contains useful information on fruit and vegetable selection, storage, and seasonal availability. The Fresh Produce Guide supports several nutrition lessons and enhances your knowledge on fruits and vegetables. To purchase the guide call 1-800-421-8871.

5. Educational Videos

There are two educational videos in the Toolbox.

A Day in the Life (English, 10 minutes)

This video depicts the real life story of Jeannette and her family and the positive changes they've made in their eating and physical activity habits.

Love is Conquered by Food (Spanish, 20 minutes)

This video uses a telenovela-style comedy to illustrate the importance of eating a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables and doing physical activity every day. The DVD will also include extras such as media outreach commercials and other relevant outreach materials.

Organizations can purchase the videos through the Network's online catalog.

6. Fruit, Vegetable, and Physical Activity Playing Cards

There are five decks of English- and Spanish-language playing cards that are used to support several lessons in the Toolbox. Organizations can purchase the playing cards through the Network's online catalog.

7. Shake it Up! Tool Kit Version Music CD

The CD is to be played during the physical activity lessons, which require your participants to dance, walk, play, or just move their bodies. It can also be played during breaks and between lessons. The CD has multiple tracks including fun fruit and vegetable songs and guided physical activity steps. You'll find contemporary, gospel, African dance, instrumentals, and one Spanish language track to use to get participants moving. Organizations can purchase the CD through the Network's online catalog.

Putting the Toolbox into Practice

The Toolbox can be used with small or large classes. You can choose to use the lessons and handouts to teach a series of classes on nutrition and physical activity or may choose to select one or two of the lessons and handouts for a one-time class, such as a parenting meeting. For the best results, follow these recommendations:

  • Start your class by playing the appropriate educational video. If you are working with English-speaking adults, choose A Day in the Life. If you are working with Spanish-speaking adults, choose Love is Conquered by Food.
  • Following the video, conduct a nutrition or physical activity lesson from the Toolbox. Try to conduct at least one lesson per week with the same group of participants during a two-month period.
  • Be sure to conduct the Advocate for Fruits, Vegetables, and Physical Activity in Your Community lesson to empower your participants to make changes in their communities that support fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity.
  • Use the Quick Nutrition and Physical Activity Quiz or an evaluation tool of your choice to measure how your participants progress through their learning experience.

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