Welcome to the Fruit, Vegetable, and Physical Activity Toolbox for Community Educators!

The Toolbox Kit and this companion Web site were created so that you and other community educators can easily teach low-income adults about eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and enjoying physical activity every day. Each item in the Toolbox was tested with the target community to make sure it is culturally appropriate.

The Toolbox Web site contains lessons with supporting handouts, resources, and evaluation tools while the Toolbox Kit provides all information available from the Web site as well as two educational videos, five decks of fruit, vegetable, and physical activity playing cards, a music CD, poster, and produce guide.

Read more about the Toolbox components in How To Use Your Toolbox.










Begin using the Toolbox by reading How To Use Your Toolbox.

The Toolbox overview describes educational tools available in the Toolbox and this companion Web site.

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